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COMMERCIAL ELECTRIC MASSAGE CHAIR COIN AND CURRENCY MASSAGE CHAIR Mechanical massage hands Designed with a set of mechanical massage hands that can move upwards and downwards, and are driven by four wheels and are silent in operation. 5 massage modes Five simulated massage modes are available, they are: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, and synchronously kneading/tapping. A multicolor LCD shows functions, modes, durations, speeds and intensities of massage and such information as width of massage wheels and massage positions. Automatic settings for the lying angle After inserting coins, the back rest and legs will be positioned automatically at a comfortable angle. The massage chair will revert to the original position after the set time Vibrating massage The seat cushion may produce one group of vibrations with 2 vibrating-massage balls. Neck and Shoulders massage Stiff shoulder, resulting from pressure and posture, can be well effected and relaxed.  Display The total number of coins inserted and total massage duration may be displayed.  Manual massage Manual massage of the upper body is also offered, with three kinds of massage places available overall, partial and fixed point. Five selectable speeds are offered for each massage mode. The mechanical hands may be adjusted upwards/downwards when the massage is performed under fixed mode. The width of massage balls may be set to wide, medium or narrow under the massage modes of tapping, shiatsu and knocking Automatic massage Automatic massage for the upper body (There are three optional modes for the shoulder and neck, the upper body, the back and waist).  Controller There is an attached manual controller for setting coin number and massage duration.  Coin selectors / bill selectors Coin selectors and bill selectors for receiving notes and coins from various countries may be equipped.  Airbag massage The seat cushion is equipped with 3 airbags and the calves are equipped with 8 airbags. Two massage strengths are available. Lower back massage Lower back pain resulting from long standing or overwork can be much relieved.  Full-body massage Full-body massage has the effect of recovering energy and relaxing the whole body.  Shiatsu massage Shiatsu massage focuses on fixed-point pressing.  Buttocks massage With the vibration massage and air cushion massage together, muscles which are suffering from excessive tension around buttock can be effectively eased.  Various Massage Methods Flapping It recovers from fatigue quickly, relieves muscle tension and improves muscle shape, benefits to blood circulation. Kneading It can deeply press your muscle and stimulate some main points. It can relieve muscle tension and stiffness. Besides, the adjustable speed will provide a perfect massage for you. Shiatsu It presses the main points in the body, and the speed and width can be adjusted. This method effectively relieves muscles tension, muscles stiffness, reduce the pressure of vertebra.  Different massage: point, local, whole back can relieve the tension and pain of back. Grasping and kneading of the shoulders Grasping and kneading of shoulder: two couples of massage balls knead the shoulder, relax the muscles and relieve the fatigue and pain. The kneading of massage points from top to bottom effect the deepest pain. It is a cozy design that the biggest angle between massage points is 40 degree for slight pain. Kneading and flapping synchronization It can deeply press your muscles and stimulate some main points. It can relieve muscle tension and stiffness, relax muscle tension, and ease fatigue sore. Besides, adjustable massage speed is beneficial to blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and improve muscle shape. Personalized salver can improve parts of body blood circulation, ease pain and relieve strain of lumbar muscles, injury of soft tissue, rheumatic arthritis. Humanistic configuration All the procedures of program will be demonstrated on the liquid crystal display. Convenient designation, brief operation will satisfy all your massage requirements. It is just for your control.
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