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MULTI FUNCTIONAL MASSAGE CHAIR ¬ Massage Memory- The memory modes allow you to save the current settings, according to your personal preferences, and to access them again next time you use the massage chair. ¬ Foot Massage Sensors Reflex Therapy- The footrest can be extended separately or in conjunction with the backrest, which will stop automatically if it encounters an obstacle during this process. ¬ Complex Back Massage- Equipped with a massage mechanism driven by four rollers that move up and down along the backrest. ¬ Automatic Detection of Massage Points- Automatically detects upper body massage points and shoulder position, adjusting the body position. ¬ 5 Massage Types- Designed to offer five massage types which simulate human touch: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, pressure, and synchronized kneading and tapping. ¬ Upper Body Massage- Designed to offer three massage options for the upper body: full area, shoulders, back or waist. ¬ Air Pressure Massage- Air pressure massage function with three options: full body, lower body and arms (25 air bags, three intensity levels). ¬ Extensible Footrest- The footrest is extensible and rotates. ¬ Chair Rollers- The rollers with which the chair is equipped enable you to move the chair, allowing you to enjoy it in any room of your house. ¬ Return to Vertical Position- When the power supply is cut off, the chair returns to its vertical position and the massage hands reset automatically.  ¬ Automatic Massage- There are three auto massage options: enable, memory A and memory B. ¬ Manual Upper Body Massage- Manual massage functions for the upper body. Select from among three options: local, partial or full area. ¬ Adjustable Roller Width- During tapping, shiatsu or pressure massage, the width between the massage hands can be adjusted in three ways: wide, medium, or narrow. ¬ Joint Extension Function- Articulation (joint) extension function: extension of foot rest, extension of arms. ¬ Leg Rest Adjustable by up to 15 cm. Reflex Therapy- The leg rest can be raised up to 90 degrees and the backrest reclines to an angle of up to 54 degrees. The foot system also offers reflex therapy massage. ¬ Top-Quality PU Leather Cover- Breathable material, resistant to wear and to acid and alkaline products. ¬ Arm Massage with Rotating Air Bags- Holds the shoulders tight, stretching them gently. ¬ Foot Rotation, Continuous Stretching- The specific design allows you to rest your feet during rotation massage, ensuring maximum comfort. During calf massage, the foot rest can be adjusted according to the individual height of each user. Massage Technique: ¬ Double Pull- Brand new double-pull technique, whose purpose is stretching and pulling. This is an innovative function developed based on the chiropractic concept, which performs the pulling massage. Activates bone regeneration, allowing you to have a healthy and vigorous spirit and body. ¬ Complete Massage, Total Relaxation, Pain Relief- The chair is designed to offer an air pressure massage function with three options: full body, lower body, and arms (25 air bags, three intensity levels). This massage chair offers a complete experience because it is equipped with an L-shape arm massage function and 8 air bags for the arms.
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